Rugby League Socks

You have the choice of Ready Made Stock Football Socks in a range of popular colours or Custom Made Football Socks. Our football socks are designed for maximum style, comfort & fit and come in a full range of sizes.

We can design custom made socks to show your clubs colours and logo or mascot. Designs can include logos, text and/or stripes as the design is knitted into the sock. There are many design options available. Why not create a new look for your team?

Ready Made Stock Socks come in packs of 10, 1 size per pack.

Custom Made Socks Minimum Order of 30 pairs (minimum of 5 pairs of 1 size). Available ALL sizes. Production time is approx 4 weeks.

Call 1300 556 112 for a quote or fill in our enquiry form


Our football socks can be customised to your clubs colours and can include your logo. Below are just some examples of designs in basic sock colours. If you don’t see what you are after, get in touch with us and we can help ensure that your sock needs are met.


SHOE SIZE (MENS/UNISEX) 9 to 2 2 to 8 8 to 11 11 to 14
FOOT LENGTH – toe to heel seam, unstretched 17 cms 21 cms 24 cms 26 cms
SHOE SIZE (MENS/UNISEX) 9 to 2 2.5 to 8 8.5 to 11 11.5 to 14
SOCK FOOT LENGTH (Heel to Toe seam unstretched) 17cms 21cms 24cms 26 cms
9 to 2 fits Kids
2.5 to 8 fits Teens / Average Womens / Small Men
8.5 to 11 fits Large Womens / Average Mens
11.5 to 14 fits XL Womens / Large Men

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Design Options

3 Stripe Mid Blue
3 Stripe Mid Red
3 Stripe Mid Green
3 Stripe Mid Yellow
3 Stripe Blue
3 Stripe Red
3 Stripe Green
3 Stripe Yellow
3 Stripe Large Blue
3 Stripe Large Red
3 Stripe Large Green
3 Stripe Large Black
3 Stripe Top Blue
3 Stripe Top Red
3 Stripe Top Green
3 Stripe Top Yellow
Plain Blue
Plain Red
Plain Green
Plain Yellow