Matrix XV Pro Rugby Ball

Matrix XV Pro Rugby Ball

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The next-generation rugby ball with an upper surface that has been designed with revolutionary Neotech and Aerosensa technology.

The MatriXV Pro rugby ball comes in Size 5 Senior only.
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  • The next generation rugby ball with an upper surface which has been designed with exclusive Neotech and Aerosensa technology. Neotech changes the molecular structure of rubber so it is consistent for many matches. Aerosensa reacts to air flow to deliver maximum lift, drag and accurate flight.
  • Upper surface rubber is made with a blend of finest grade of natural and synthetic rubber.
  • Upper rubber is then laminated with four layers of exclusive core spun cotton polyester. This is a high performance exclusive fabric. Each fibre has core polyester filament and coated with cotton all around.
  • This unique technology gives the ball perfect balance and strength.
  • Best aerodynamics engineered to give maximum sweet points.
  • Exclusive air block bladder. Three times more air retention and power than any normal bladder.
  • Counter balanced and pre-kicked. Pre-Kicking helps ball to attain final shape before use.
  • Hand Stitched.


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