Vortex Pro Football Size 5

Vortex Pro Football Size 5

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The Vortex Pro Football is a Superior FIFA Quality PRO International Elite Match Ball at a great value price.

4 layer interior of Kevlar Microfibre gives a more natural feel, improves flight, and ensures the weight of the ball is exact while remaining soft and a low water uptake quality.

Textured PU exterior for superior feel on all surfaces including artificial grass.

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  • Superior FIFA Quality PRO International size and weight ball
  • Weight: 425-435 gms
  • Circumference: 67-69cm
  • Outer Layer of Textured PU ideal for use on artificial grass and for superior feel
  • Inner Layers consisting of 1.4 mm Kevlar Microfibre for a more natural feel, improved flight, and exact weighting
  • 1 layer of Korean Vulcanized Rubber Sheet used in Lamination Process.

FIFA Quality Pro is the highest accolade that can be awarded to any ball and is reserved for only the best standard of match ball available. To gain this, the ball design must go through seven rigorous tests at a neutral ball testing facility in Switzerland. (below based on a size 5 football)

Circumference: Must have a circumference between 68.6 and 69.5 cm.
Roundness: When fully inflated, the roundness of the ball may not vary by more than 1.5%.
Rebound: The rebound should be between 135cm and 155cm when the ball is dropped 10 times from a height of 2m onto a steel plate.
Weight: Must weigh between 420 and 445 g.
Loss of pressure: The loss of air must not exceed 20%.
Water absorption: When immersed in a tank of water and squeezed and turned 250 times, the ball must not absorb more than 10% of its capacity in water.
Shape and size retention: This test is designed to ensure the ball can keep its shape under all conditions. The ball is fired at a steel plate at 50 km/h no fewer than 2,000 times. Only balls which show no signs of damage and whose circumference does not change by more than 1.5 cm can receive the certification.

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