Tornado Football


Tornado Football

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Top FIFA Quality Graded Match and Training ball with excellent balance – great for match play at all levels.

Kevlar Microfibre interior layers give a more natural feel, improves flight, and ensures the weight of the ball is exact while remaining soft and a low water uptake quality.

Hand-stitched PU surface is suitable for any conditions. Superb value for such a quality football.

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  • FIFA Quality Official International size and weight ball
  • Weight: 425-435 gms
  • Circumference: 67-69cm
  • Outer Layer of Textured PU ideal for use on artificial grass and for superior feel
  • Inner Layers consisting of 1.5 mm Kevlar Microfibre for a more natural feel, improved flight, and exact weighting
  • 1 layer of Korean Vulcanized Rubber Sheet used in Lamination Process.

FIFA Quality certified footballs are used in international football matches (such as friendlies) and various national leagues such as the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga. To be certified, the ball design must go through five rigorous tests at a neutral ball testing facility in Switzerland. (below based on a size 5 football)

Circumference: Must have a circumference between 68 and 70cm.
Roundness: When fully inflated, the roundness of the ball may not vary by more than 1.8%.
Rebound: The rebound should be between 125cm and 155cm when the ball is dropped 10 times from a height of 2m onto a steel plate.
Weight: Must weigh between 410g and 450g.
Loss of pressure: The loss of air must not exceed 25%.

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